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6. 3. 2021 Dear Museum Followers! We would like to thank you for your grace in this complicated time and we are proud to announce that our building and improving effort was again rewarded by the nomination for the prestigious award of Region Vysocina: Golden Rowanberry in cultural heritage branch. You can see our achievement in the annotation and if you like it, we would be grateful for your vote for us in Region Vysocina website. https://extranet.kr-vysocina.cz/zlata-jerabina  We would also like you to forward the information of our nomination to your friends and buddies. We are looking forward to meeting you in our museum's show route, hopefully in the near future!
Zlatá jeřabina Zlatá jeřabina

24. 12. 2020
Dear visitors and our museum fans. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support in this a bit strange year and to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a lot of good health, happiness and success in the New Year. At the same time we would like to invite you to follow our websites, in which we are soon about to introduce the news and plans for the next year 2021.

18. 8. 2020
On the Day of Cultural Heritage 12th September 10AM to 5PM and on Saturday 13th September 10AM to 3PM the museum will be open for general public without the necessity to make an order in advance

18. 8. 2020
Dear visitors of Museum Tesla. Unfortunately, at the moment we are not able to provide the accessibility of the museum to the public for all the email and phone orders made in advance. The museum will be temporarily open only in the irregular dates, which are going to be published on these websites with the adequate advance. We apologize to all the visitors and those interested in visiting us for the possible complications.

17.7. 2018
On 4th-5th and on 11th-12th August Museum Tesla organises the Open Day of the museum. On the tours the visitors will be able to see not only the newly prepared expositions but also to have a glimpse of the depositary and the spaces inaccessible on the regular tours. The Open Days are a part of the “Steam Summer” and of the celebration of 120th anniversary of the Kostelec-Slavonice railway. You can come to visit our Open Day by the steam train and you can watch the programme right from the museum building. We are looking forward to your visit!

17.7. 2018
Dear Visitors and fans of our museum! We are sorry to inform you that this year we haven’t received the permission of the owner of S7 object for making our summer tours there. Regarding the prepared Open Days and Steam Summer days we are afraid, we will not be able to organise these tours even in case we get the permission later this year. We are going to try to arrange for the tours on the World Heritage Day (Sat. 8th September) at least. We are sorry for not having better news for you. For the course of events regarding object S7 please follow our websites.

27. 12. 2017
Dear museum visitors and followers. The end of the year has approached and I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole museum staff for your favour and also for appreciation of our work, which we got in the form of nomination and second position in the prestigious competition Golden Rowanberry held by Region Vysočina. We are very grateful for your favour and votes and we may promise not to rest on our laurels but to try to prepare new expositions, interesting exhibitions and cultural events not only in our museum but also in S7 shelter in the upcoming year. Follow our websites for updates.
For the end of this year we prepared the night tours of our museum, which can be made by prior arrangement over the phone 608 625 420 every day between 17,30 – 21,00 o’clock. You can be the first to see the latest exhibit in our Industrial Radio Technique exhibition. It’s worth seeing!
I would like to finish by wishing you happy New Year, good health, well-being, a lot of personal and professional achievements and of good experiences not only in Museum Tesla.
On behalf of museum staff– Jiří Šťastný

2. 7. 2017 –
Dear visitors! From today on, you can start booking tickets for the guided tours in the top secret “Tomato Warehouse”, which we have prepared for the third time in cooperation with ZSMV and city Trest. The booking form is available in our web http://objednavky.muzeumtesla.cz You can also book by phone in TIC Trest +420 567 234 567. The entrance fee is 100 CZK as same as the last year, there are no reductions. The tickets will be to collect at the door. Be reminded that the tours are not recommended for the people up to 12 years old, for disabled or claustrophobic people. In case of problems with booking, please contact us by email: prohlidky@muzeumtesla.cz we will do our best to solve it.

11.6 -
Museum Tesla in cooperation with ZSMV and city Trest organizes the third season of the guided tours in the top secret “Tomato Warehouse” in Trest, street V Kaštanech. The dates of the guded tours are as follows:

29.7. 8:00-15:30           30.7. 8:00 – 15:00            12.8. 8:00 – 15:30          13.8. 8:00 – 15:00          9.9. 8:00 – 15:00

This year, the tours will be supplemented outside with the presentation of the functional army technique and arms and in September there will also be a discussion and slide-show prepared with the Museum Association Trest, aimed at the construction of the shelter, its importance and utilization of CD in the past and present. The exact program will be to use in early July. The tours must be booked in advance through the form, which will be published on our websites in early July, they can also be booked by phone or in person in TIC Trest. The entrance fee is 100 CZK as same as the last year, there are no reductions. The tickets will be sold at the place. You must come for the tour around 30 minutes prior the booked time. The tours are not applicable for children up to 12 and for the people with reduced mobility or with claustrophobia. We are looking forward to seeing you in our museum!

12. 5
- Dear visitors and friends of our museum!
We would like to inform you that the results of the competition “Golden Rowanberry” held by Region Vysočina, which our museum was nominated into in the category “Upkeep of the Cultural Heritage” for “Renovation of the Historic Granary Building for the Presentation of Museum Tesla”, have officially been announced. We got the wonderful second position and so we would like to thank you this way for your nominations and for your votes sent to our museum! We deeply appreciate your favour and we are surely going to continue in further reconstructions and adaptations of the exhibition spaces and expositions. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to your visit!

1. 3. 2017
Dear visitors and friends of our museum!
We would like to inform you that the building of our museum was nominated among 30 best ones in category of "Upkeep of the Cultural Heritage" in the prestigious competition "Golden Rowanberry" held by Vysočina Region Office. The nomination is a result of the reconstruction and renovation of the historic granary building a its adaptation for the needs of Museum Tesla. The annotation (in Czech) is available here. We think this is a kind of a respect for all those who have taken part in its reconstruction by their persistent and unselfish work as same as by the material and financial presents. Voting is in course from 1st March on the websites of Vysočina Region http://extranet.kr-vysocina.cz/zlata-jerabina/  Indeed, everybody can vote, so if you have friends or mates who would like to support us too, send them the link for voting. The winners of the competition will be the subjects of a promotion at the first place, but they will also receive the financial present, which will be certainly needed for financing of the future work of reconstruction.
In case you want to support us, please vote and keep the fingers crossed for us!

7. 2. 2017 -
Dear visitors! Despite the fact we are having a very nice winter, the first one in many years our museum is still open for you. We can offer you the tours of the two permanent expositions, but also of the new exhibits from the field of the professional TV technology, which we managed to get into our collection. If you come to Trest be sure to call us and to visit our museum.

6. 2. 2017 -
Listen to the new instalment of the radio programme „Česko země neznámá“ about our museum: http://www.rozhlas.cz/kraje/cesko/_zprava/v-muzeu-tesla-v-tresti-maji-vysilaci-pult-z-ceskeho-rozhlasu-i-prvni-ceske-pocitace--1694595

23. 8. 2016
- Listen to the interview for Czech Rozhlas about the S7 object  http://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3672007

12. 7. 2016 -
Museum Tesla in cooperation with ZSMV and city Trest organises the second year of guided tours in S7 object in Trest. The tours are going to take place as a part of "Steam Summer" in Trest and this year they will be supplemented by interesting events in the upper part of the object. Thanks to our colleagues from History and Documentation Group: fortifikace z. s. (www.fortifikace.cz) there will also be accessible an exhibition of the pictures from similar objects in the Czech Republic, supplemented with information on structure of CO, its commandment, and information for civilians. In August we will also offer the examples of historical army health and car technics by Airsoft Team Highlander Jihlava. (http://fortbenning.webnode.cz)

Guided tours date and time:
30. 7. 2016   8:00 - 15:30
31. 7. 2016   8:00 - 15:00
13. 8. 2016   8:00 - 15:30
14. 8. 2016   8:00 - 15:00
3. 9. 2016     8:00 - 15:00

The tours start every 30 minutes. One group consists of max. 20 visitors. The tour takes 60 minutes. Entrance fee is 100 CZK, no reduction is possible. The tour must be booked in advance by web form  or by a phone or e-mail to TIC Trest.  No visitor can take part in a tour without previous booking! Regarding to propositions and site of the object the tour is not recommended to disabled people and to children up to 12 years old.

8. 5. 2016 -
Dear visitors! We would like to invite you to see a brand new vitual 3D view of your museum, which was prepared for you by the members of association:  Historie, Dokumentace, Fortifikace z.s., www.fotrifikace.cz Hopefully it will put you in the right mood for visiting the museum.

27. 3. 2016
Dear visitors! After a longer technical break we are happy to welcome you again in our expositions, which are going to be fully accessible again from 1st April 2016 on. If you are interested in visiting us call us please or write at least two days in advance. The phone is 608 625 420 or e-mail prohlidky@muzeumtesla.cz. We are looking forward to seeing you!

8. 1. 2016
From 11. 1. 2016 until recalled all Museum expostiions are closed due to the technical reasons.

10. 12. 2015
For the winter time, our museum has prepared for you special evening and night tours. You can enjoy the special atmosphere of our expositions enhanced by the enlightening of our expositions. We have also prepared the samples of the working historical devices, which you can use for listening of records, cassettes and tapes with music during the tour. You can also bring your own music for the tour and to use it to recall your favourite composers or songs. The tours will be held every Friday and Saturday at 18:00 – 20:00 and 20:00-22:00.
On Friday there is a special time for tours: 22:00-00:00. The tours must be reserved in advance through email: prohlidky@muzeumtesla.cz or by phone: +420 608 625 420. Minimum count of people in one tour is 2 persons, maximum is 15 people. The entrance fee is 30CZK per person. (No reductions are offered)
With regard to the cold weather, we are to recommend you some warmer clothes; the museum is not heated up! With regard to the worse visibility in the interiors of the museum the tours are not recommended for children and people with bad sight. During visit you can buy our Wander Card No. CZ 3206 and gain our stamp. We are looking forward to your visit!

25. 8. 2015 -
5.9.2015 on the occasion of the Heritage Days Museum Tesla organises the Open Day, on which occasion you can visit our museum and see the areas, which are usually closed for the general public. The show routes without a guide take place from 10 to 18. Guided tours are going to be held every hour. Entrance fee is voluntary.

25. 8. 2015 -
5.9.2015 Museum Tesla in cooperation with ZSMV and city Trest organises this year last exploration of secrets of S-7 object in Trest. The show route is accessible only when you book in advance via web form, where you can also find more information. The show route will be open from 8 to 16 and the entrance fee is 100 CZK a person. Each visitor is going to gain an Absolvent's Tourist Card.

20. 7. 2015 -
In cooperation with the Facility Services for the Ministry of the Interior our museum managed to open a new tourist route in the top secret object S-7 in Trest named: The Secret of S7 Object in Trest, or What Can Be Hidden in the (Extra)Ordinary Tomato Storehouse. The tourist route will be open from 8th to 9th August from 8 o'clock on. The route takes an hour to go through and it is necessary to book it in advance via web form or by phone at the Town Information Centre Trest tel.:+420 567 234 567

14. 6. 2015 - We would like to invite you to the opening of a new permanent exhibition of "Heavy Radio technics" - The opening for the general public is scheduled for 26th July 2015 around 2 pm at the occasion of the Open Day (25th - 26th July 2015). The new exposition of broadcasting technology and of technology for the clearance of radio and TV broadcasting will be open after the essential reconstruction of the exhibition space itself and after replacing and adding the newly restored exhibits. Some big radio transmitters will be exhibited: a unique time-mark and telegraph transmitters (from the ships or the big stationary ones). On top of that you may see the directional radio workplace and the check-in TV broadcasting workplace, which will be operating. The exposition will be followed by the exhibition of the history of radio receivers from crystals to the luxury stereo units. As usual, the whole exhibition will, of course, show the products of the Czechoslovakian companies, most of all those ones made by Tesla.

21. 4. 2015 - Our museum has its own wander card! http://en.wander-book.com/trip/3206-muzeum-tesla-v-tresti.htm  We are looking forward to your visit!

10. 2. 2014 - Museum sites are being prepared for you. We are sorry for the temporary inaccessibility or non-functionality of some links.


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